ALM-Toolbox provides services and add-on solutions focused on ALM, DevOps, SCM, IT and Continuous Integration for a variety of customers in many industries, including finance, IT, telecom, security, medical devices and more. The company was founded in 2009 and has won 6 international awards for its contributions to the software community.

Customer segments

Federal Government Large = 2,000+ employees Mid-Market = 100-1,999 employees SMB (Small Business) = 0-99 employees State/Local/Education

Technology Alliance

Atlassian AWS Azure DevOps CircleCI Cloudbees - Jenkins Docker GitHub Hashicorp Jfrog Snyk Whitesource

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6 Dr. Auerbach St.
Petach Tiqwa, 4971066 Israel
Phone: +972 722 405 222


198 BdSt Germain
Paris, 8393 France
Phone: +33 1 84 17 53 28


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Arabic, English, French German, Polish, Russian Spanish


Services and Resources


GitLab High Availability; GitLab Geo and Disaster Recovery services

Git/GitLab training for end-users GitLab admin GitLab CI/CD git for beginners Advanced git

Health checks helps you realize if you're getting the most out of GitLab: A discovery session; An analysis of your current deployment architecture; A report outlining architectural findings and recommendations to prepare to meet your goals.

Our GitLab webpage in French (dedicated to GitLab users in France)

Our GitLab webpage in Hebrew (dedicated to GitLab users in Israel)