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In Deviniti we strongly believe that technology is the core of exploring the galaxy of possibilities during the digital transformation of business. For over 16 years we create advanced solutions, implement new technologies, and support our partners in business development. With many years of experience and completing more than 200 projects, we know which tools to recommend and what practices to implement are the best for your organization. We provide our clients with the wide range of best DevOps tools and services for continuous development, application maintenance, setting feedback loops, configuring environments, and optimizing infrastructure. Our knowledge and practice in the field of DevOps resulted in solid business partnerships.

Customer segments

Federal Government Large = 2,000+ employees Mid-Market = 100-1,999 employees SMB (Small Business) = 0-99 employees State/Local/Education

Technology Alliance

Atlassian AWS Azure DevOps Cloudbees - Jenkins Docker GitHub Hashicorp Jfrog Whitesource

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Sudecka 153
Wrocław, 53-128 Poland
Phone: +48 502317555


Sudecka 153
Wrocław, 53-128 Poland
Phone: +48502317555


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Deviniti Sp. z.o.o.



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Save costs and gain flexibility. Our experts can help you in the effective design, implementation, and support of dedicated cloud-based solutions.

Training conducted by our specialists will help your team use the potential of the GitLab platform fully.





European Space Agency

Since July 2020 we have been working with the European Space Agency. Services we provide: ● Cloud Hosting ● Migration ● Recovery strategy ● Loggin ● Security



The largest fuel company in Poland

Since 2019 we have been cooperating with the biggest Polish fuel and energy company. We are covering a large number of IT services, including the GitLab area, we were responsible for: ● Installation and configuration: Gitlab ● Implementation of the CI / CD process for mobile application ● Design and implement change management in Gitlab ● Hardware recommendation ● SonarQube integration



Financial institution in Europe

Since January, 2020 we have been cooperating with the Biggest Financial institution in Europe. We were challenged to take care of the whole GitLab implementation process. ● Complete CI / CD technology stack ● AWS ● Gitlab ● SonarQube ● Artifactory with Xray ● Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker ● Hybrid Architecture (AWS + local DC)



Financial institution in Poland

From 2016 to 2019 we cooperated with one of the biggest Polish Financial institutions. We covered a large number of custom development services, including the GitLab area, including being responsible for: ● Infrastructure acquisition - maintenance and development ● Migration from on-premise to AWS infrastructure (over 25 micro-services) ● Hybrid architecture ● Implementation of the CI / CD proces ● AWS, S3, Cloudfront ● Jira integration ● Gitlab + Jenkins ● Ansible, Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker