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We help organizations achieve digital transformation by delivering software faster through the adoption of GitLab, Kubernetes, cloud native technologies, automation and DevSecOps strategy. We understand that you face both unique and challenging technical and business problems. In a landscape of diverse and constantly changing technology, you need an experienced partner who can design, implement, and support end-to-end solutions that fit your needs. BoxBoat would love to help you achieve digital transformation with GitLab!

Customer segments

Federal Government Large = 2,000+ employees Mid-Market = 100-1,999 employees SMB (Small Business) = 0-99 employees State/Local/Education

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Docker Hashicorp New Relic

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7910 Woodmont Ave. Suite 230
Bethesda, Maryland 20814 United States


7910 Woodmont Ave, Suite #230
Bethesda, 20814 United States
Phone: 910-690-2598


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BoxBoat Technologies





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We can help unlock your organization's full DevSecOps potential with agile software development, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and Kubernetes. All on GitLab.

BoxBoat assists our customers in implementing technology and organizational change focused on reducing software time‐to‐market, limiting defects, and reducing risk by implementing DevOps and automation technologies.

We can help you configure, build, and manage an enterprise container platform for your containerized applications to modernize your current deployment technologies.

Empower your team with on-site, remote, or self-paced training customized for the unique needs of your organization. Led by our team of CKA, Docker, and cloud certified engineers.

We'll help you confidently deploy, manage, and monitor your applications deployed to Rancher in the cloud, on-premise, and at the edge.‍




Webinar: Janky Jenkinsfiles  Simplify with GitLab CI!

Webinar: Janky Jenkinsfiles Simplify with GitLab CI!

While Jenkins is one of the most popular open source automation tools, its flexibility and extensibility comes from plugins which can be a headache to maintain and upgrade. GitLab CI is fully integrated into the GitLab application, making it a full software development lifecycle and DevOps tool in a single application. See why many organizations have chosen to migrate from Jenkins to GitLab in this free webinar led by GitLab Select Partner BoxBoat Technologies.