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As a software solutions provider, Benchmark focuses on open source technology for commercial and enterprise customers. We assist, accelerate and automate your business infrastructure and application transformation with innovative solutions that reduce your acquisition and integration costs. To deliver fully integrated, innovative solutions with turnkey simplicity and flexibility, we cost-effectively collaborate with multiple, top-tier partners.

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Federal Government Large = 2,000+ employees Mid-Market = 100-1,999 employees State/Local/Education

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Azure DevOps Checkmarx Cloudbees - Jenkins Docker GitHub Hashicorp New Relic Synopsys

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2600 Skymark Ave Unit 6 - 102 Unit 6 - 102
Mississauga, Ontario L4W 5B2 Canada
Phone: +1-877-817-5635


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2600 Skymark Avenue Unit 6, 102
Mississauga, Ontario L4W 5B2 Canada
Phone: 902-229-4623


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Most organizations need to encompass many stakeholders into their CI/CD process. Where does a centre of excellence start? How does a shared service get delivered? How should it be delivered? We provide to organizations a DevOps enablement model to bring all the stakeholders together: Developers, Operations, Security, and DataOps.

We implement unique and advanced SDLC methods. Phases we implement go far beyond CI/CD. Continuous Integration->Continuous Delivery.->Continuous Deployment->Scaling Continuous Deployment->Continuous Improvement. All to achieve velocity that is CHOSEN.

Based on our extensive DevOps experience we have created a maturity model to help organizations plan their DevOps roadmaps based on their current state and future capabilities. It is a layered approach to achievements. It is related directly to the SDLC methods and milestones required to achieve success. We also implement the roadmap!

We have developed an application that measures the engineering effectiveness of your current SDLC process. Knowing where you spend and where you have toil and heroics is key to recalibrate and succeed at DevOps. This can also be used for continuous verification of the effectiveness of your own practice and engagements.




DevOps Championship Teaser

DevOps Championship Teaser

Win $15000 USD! Show us what you are made of – In the 1st Global DevOps Championship. We want to support, motivate, and showcase DevOps practitioners ...