Created in 1999, Henix is a French independent IT services company, gathering more than 300 employees with a Software Quality expertise. Our mission is to develop tools & services to integrate Software Quality, Agility and DevOps at the heart of your digital transformation. Henix has a strong DevOps expertise gained from setting up customized CI/CD pipelines for large French companies embracing agility at scale and continuous testing. Today, we appreciate the power and the flexibility of the integrated approach of Gitlab. We also value GitLab's open-source business model which we practice ourselves with our Squash suite. We are currently studying the technical integration Squash and Gitlab (hence becoming a technology partner). Learn more : www.henix.com

Customer segments

Federal Government Large = 2,000+ employees Mid-Market = 100-1,999 employees

Technology Alliance

Atlassian AWS Azure DevOps Checkmarx Cloudbees - Jenkins Docker GitHub

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1 rue François Ory
Montrouge, 92120 France
Phone: 06 40 30 63 84


Atlantique - Nantes

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Headquarters : Montrouge, Ile de France 92120 France
Phone: +33 1 42 31 02 00

Sud - Montpellier

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Headquarters : Montrouge, Ile de France 92120 France
Phone: +33 1 42 31 02 00


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Services and Resources


Our team of GitLab certified consultants supports you in setting up and using GitLab for your teams: audit, POC, installation, migration, integration, training, expertise..

We manage your GitLab instances, allowing you to offer an internal service to your GitLab users. Beyond the operational continuity and technical support, this service typically includes functional administration, support of the teams using GitLab, animation of your internal GitLab community, integration of GitLab in your processes...

We help you make the most of GitLab in order to fulfil your challenges: coaching your teams in agile methodology (Scrum or SAFe), software craftmanship, code quality, non-functional tests, continuous testing (seamlessly integrating automated and manual tests), definition and setup of quality gates in your CI/CD pipelines, controlling the deliveries of your agile contract works...

We resell GitLab licenses and we can manage your license portfolio if you wish. We also distribute Jira as an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner, and the Squash suite that we publish ourselves.